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Ergonomic Anti-Fatigue Matting in your Footwear

MEGAComfort Inc. is a leading edge company which offers a complete range of patent pending ergonomic anti-fatigue insoles and orthotics. MEGAComfort Products have been clinically proven to reduce employee muscle fatigue as well as reducing pain and increasing worker comfort in multiple field tests. MEGAComfort has been promoting the push away from costly standard floor matting since its inception eight years ago and its Personal Anti-Fatigue Mat Insole was uniquely designed by Dr. Kevan Orvitz as a viable cost effective alternative.

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  • Anti-Fatigue Orthotics
    Personal Anti-Fatigue Mats ™

    For industrial Footwear
    Personal Anti-Fatigue Mat (PAM)™ Insoles represent a unique and cost effective opportunity for the selective relocation and/or replacement of expensive anti-fatigue matting.

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  • Anti-Fatigue ESD Orthotics
    Personal Anti-Fatigue Mats ™ ESD

    For ESD Footwear
    Electrostatic discharge is a very common everyday electrical phenomenon which can not be avoided or prevented, however, it can be controlled.

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  • MEGASole Shoe Orthotics
    MEGASoles ™

    For Casual and Leisure Footwear
    MEGASoles™ are a dual layered memory foam insoles with MEGAGel™ Visco Technology for vibration reduction and added heel and arch cushioning and massaging.

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  • MULTI-Thotic Shoe Insert
    MULTI-Thotics ™

    Multiple Orthotic Supports Without Compromising Comfort
    Extra Support and Enhanced Performance For All Footwear. A Cost-Effective Initial Alternative to Custom Made Foot Orthotics

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  • Puncture Resistant Insole
    MEGA Puncture Resistant Insole

    For contractors, construction and renovation environments
    MEGA Puncture Resistant Insole, powered by Steel-Flex™ Innovation, consists of a formed carbon steel plate securely placed inside the insole to prevent separation from occurring.

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  • Steel Toe Overshoe
    MEGA Steel Toe Overshoe

    For casual, temporary, management, clerical staff and visitors
    MEGA Steel Toe Overshoe, powered by Steel-Flex™ Innovation, consists of fully waterproof and crack resistant rubber for multiple and repeat uses and an ambidextrous design for ease of fitting.

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  • MEGASock

    Ideal for extreme hot & cold weather conditions
    Industrial MEGASock, made with 50% wool and anti-microbial double thick yarn, is an extremely tough, long lasting and versatile work sock.

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MEGAComfort's Dr. Kevan Orvitz
Message from Dr.Kevan Orvitz

All MEGAComfort products are Ergonomically Designed by Doctor of Podiatric Medicine, Dr. Kevan Orvitz.

MEGAComfort represents a vision formulated from over 10 years of research, design and just good old fashioned hard work.

As a practicing Podiatrist with over 15 years experience in various parts of the world, I have studied all aspects of biomechanics, and the human body as it relates to the lower extremity and the feet. As part of MEGAComfort's unique personal service and commitment to its valued clients, I am always available to answer any clinical questions in regards to our products line.

And that, is my Personal Commitment to you!

Dr. Kevan Orvitz

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